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1) What is debt consolidation?
2) What does it cost me to get a quote?
3) Is debt consolidation for only people with bad credit?
4) Do you provide debt reduction services nationwide?
5) How long will it take to be contacted?
6) I would like to consolidate my debts, but wonder how it will affect my credit?
7) What type of debts can be consolidated?


1) Debt consolidation simply means combining your debts into one amount, therefore making it easier to keep up with payments. There are also other benefits that you may qualify for. A debt consolidation expert will explain the other benefits and how you can easily take advantage of them.

2) For an initial debt consolidation quote, it costs you nothing.

3) Most people that inquire about debt consolidation do already have "bad credit", however, if you feel that your debts are becoming uncontrollable, even if your credit hasn't been damaged yet, we encourage you to seek professional debt advice. You may be able to save your credit and get a grip on your finances. It is a wise idea to find out how you can prevent unfortunate credit problems.

4) Yes, no matter where you live, you are eligible for debt advice from a professional. If you are thinking about a debt reduction plan, we encourage you to speak with an expert debt settlement advisor first. They will advise you on debt solutions that are right for you.

5) Providing that your contact information is correct, you will be contacted via email or phone, whichever you prefer, in less than 24 hours. In most cases, you are contacted within minutes of receiving your inquiry.

6) That really depends upon the severity of your credit at the moment. Are you on the verge of filing for bankruptcy? Do you have numerous deliquent accounts, do you have judgments, or other serious negative items on your current credit report? If so, debt consolidaiton will probably make your situation better instead of worse. This is an issue you will want to explore with your personal debt management advisor.

7) Most all debts can be consolidated, including most unsecured loans, student loans, medical bills, and credit card debts.


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